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The community for health  and wellbeing entrepreneurs to connect,  support each other and grow

Reach + Connect

Get social media reach within a relevant industry and connect with experts like you.


Organised posting sessions to super-charge your social media and get more reach in your target audience.

Access a trusted, industry-focused peer group, get support and feedback.

Organised monthly virtual meetings to connect to your peers, share wins, challenges, industry best practices and create collaboration opportunities.


Get a profile on Thrivhers.comand be featured in a growing community that inspires women to live their best life.

$195.95 /month

(pause or cancel any time)

Take off Connect plan ($39.95) for the first month when you join.

Paypal takes a $1 service fee when you join

We look forward to welcoming you into the community and thriving together

Beauty Products

Managing social media accounts for a small business can be very challenging. Through Thrive together, we get to meet with other business owners in similar industries and share experience and tips together. The engagement support that we have shared has helped Naturely Shop to reach more followers and engagement from our existing followers. Big thanks to Julia and the group!

Ann Phan - Naturely Shop

Thank you, Julia and Nico, for creating this amazing group of like-minded people.  My confidence and knowledge of how, when and what to post on social media has been amazing.  The way that you both explain how the algorithms work was so simple and easy to understand.  I'm grateful to be part of this amazing group.  

Emma Willox - Mindset and Movement

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