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The community for health and wellbeing entrepreneurs to connect, support each other and grow

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What does joining our community of health and wellbeing experts mean for you?

Unlock new connections, social media support and collaboration opportunities

When you join Thrive Together, you join a tribe of entrepreneurs, but not just any kind of entrepreneurs, individuals who are passionate and centre their entire business around supporting others to lead a fulfilled life.

These valuable connections help you overcome business challenges quicker and provide collaboration opportunities along with some great friendships.


It's the community where magic happens for the better of the world around us.

Increase your social media reach

Weekly organised social media posting sessions within a relevant industry (relevant audiences: win-win for everyone!)

Build genuine industry connections

Bi-monthly meetings that build real connections, share wins, get unblocked and keep on top of industry best practices.

Learn from industry experts to grow

Free workshops and Q&A sessions with experts to get you ahead in business.


How we  thrive together

$39.95 /month

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Get Social media reach and connect with experts like you for free.

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Organised posting sessions to super-charge your social media and get more reach in your target audience.

Access a trusted, industry-focused peer group, get support and feedback.

Organised bi-monthly virtual meetings, our 'Coffee and Accountability' sessions.  Connect to your peers, share wins, challenges, keep accountable and create collaboration opportunities.


with business growth


Get Social media reach and connect with experts like you and business strategy to grow. 

$39.95 /month

(pause or cancel any time)


Everything in Reach + Connect including fortnightly meetings to:

Develop your business strategy with expert guidance – create, maintain and improve your business strategy to define your steps to success.

Understand and build your marketing funnels to grow your client base

Connect, bounce ideas and gain valuable feedback from your allocated group of peers.



Health & Wellbeing Coach

Thrive together is a great community where like-minded people are able to support and work with each other to drive their businesses forward… which can be lonely on your own. But not now I have THRIVE!


Clinical Nutritionist

Thrive together has helped me make much better use of my social media with lots of insightful tips and guides to keep me on the ball. And it’s fun too!


Acupuncturist, Hypnotherapist & Chinese Medicine Practitioner

I have loved working with Thrive together. It has helped me focus on my FB posts, boosted my FB presence and also been loads of fun!


Director & Pilates Teacher

I have loved the support of not only Julia but of the group. It’s been amazing to build new relationships with like minded individuals. The tools that Julia and Nico have given us and the ideas around how to run your socials is truly incredible. 

FAQs questions answered

  • How is the community managed and why?

    We want to create synergies between members so you can contribute to, and benefit from, each others growth. We do two things:

    1. We make sure you are surrounded by like-minded people who understand your business and industry. 

    2. We organise social media posting sessions and virtual meetings to allow you to give and receive as much value as possible from the community

  • Why do you organise your community in small groups?

    You will be connected to a small number of members in your allocated 'Trive Together' group so you can really get to know each other, engage authentically and create synergies for your business and your social media accounts. 

  • How am I going to benefit from the community?

    First of all, we have a 'Give, give, give and receive back' approach: the more you give to other members, the more you will receive back. You will benefit from the community in three ways:

    1. You will boost each other's social media (through engaging, collaboration and shout outs, tagging etc.)

    2. You will make new connections 

    3. You will learn from them (ask a question, get feedback, share experiences, unlock each other)

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